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Bamboo Clothing- Is it worth it?

Bamboo Clothing- Is it worth it?

If you've browsed our website, I'm sure you have noticed that we carry a lot of bamboo products.  We have pajamas, outfits, and clothes for mom all made of bamboo. If you aren't familiar with bamboo and why people (including myself) love it so much, let me fill you in!

Bamboo clothing, while a little more expensive than regular cotton clothing, has a lot of advantages.  First, it's super soft which makes it perfect for anyone who has eczema or sensitive skin. Second, it's super stretchy, which means you can get more use out of it.  On average, bamboo pajamas fit kids THREE TIMES longer than regular pajamas, so while you pay more upfront you get a lot more use out of them.

I didn't start buying bamboo clothing for my kids until John Lane was born.  He had eczema and super sensitive skin and I noticed every time I put a stiff fabric on him it seemed to make his skin worse.  Then I found bamboo and I was hooked.  The softness and breathability of the fabric really helped him.  Then I started buying bamboo clothes for Stella just because they felt so comfortable! Now they each have a pretty large collection of clothing and the best part is that they have been able to wear them much longer than most clothing.  John Lane, who is wearing about a 12 month in everything else, is still able to wear pajamas that I bought him at 3 months old.  Stella, who is a 3T (almost 4T is some things) is still able to wear a lot of her 2T bamboo clothes.  So while spending about $40 on pajamas for my kids seemed a little crazy at the time, 6 months later it doesn't seem so bad! 

After seeing how cute and comfortable my kids looked in these clothes, I started buying some for myself and now almost all of my pajamas are bamboo.  We also started carrying some sleep shirts and bamboo dresses for mom on our website! I encourage you to give it a chance- I know you'll love it!


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