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Poetry Books For Moms

Poetry Books For Moms

Over the past three years, I have watched my Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook algorithms gradually change from videos and posts about horses, music, traveling, etc to posts about motherhood, babies, toddlers, and all things parenting. During this time, I came across videos with beautiful poems being read over a collection of pictures or videos of babies and children. The first one I saw was a video dedicated to a mother's second born child. Part of that poem read:

Yes you are my second child, not the second half of my heart, but the other half.

You didn’t make me a Mama, but you’ve made me the mama I am proud to be.

I’d move mountains for you in seconds.

And my second child, my love for you is second to none.

After hearing this, and watching the accompanying video, I felt tears running down my face. It was exactly how I felt about my second child. I began searching for more videos like this and found one about first born children.

It was you that introduced me to so many firsts, to a different type of love, heart ache, and to me.

It was you that gave me a kind of confidence I never knew I had within, a whisper turned roar, an exercised patience, a worry that will live in my heart forever.

It was you who unearthed me, things tucked away, no longer buried, it was you who cracked me open.

It was you that showed me a different view of the world, decisions, memories, dreams, are all shaped with you.

It was you I held as I cried in the early months, deep in the trenches, lonely but in the best company. Tired but never more alive. It was you that got me through.

I had never related to an author's work more than I had the work of Jessica Urlichs. I discovered that she had a three book collection of poetry and immediately told my husband about it. He bought me one of the books as a Christmas gifts and it's one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. Each poem is moving and relatable. After reading more of her work, I knew I wanted to carry Jessica Urlichs' books at Stella Lane Boutique.

If you are a mother, an expectant mother, or need a gift idea, these books will definitely be a treasured keepsake. The three books, From One Mom to a Mother, All I See is You, and My After All, are all available on our website and they are probably the items that I am most excited and proud to carry.  There's a poem for everyone in each book, and I hope that everyone gets the chance to read them.


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